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Long-Term Social Stigma Following an Arrest

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After an arrest, many Georgia residents find that their lives change in many ways. For some, loss of employment or educational opportunities is a reality. For others, the social stigma follows them for a long time, causing detriment to personal and professional pursuits. Recently, a story made headlines in Atlanta, and all across the nation, after an incident occurred in Atlanta while President Barack Obama was in town speaking at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to initial media reports, Secret Service protocols were breached when a security officer with a record of criminal convictions was allowed on the same elevator with President Obama. Secret Service agents alleged that the security officer was using a cell phone to record President Obama while riding in the elevator, and refused to stop when asked. Because of this allegedly suspicious behavior, Secret Service agents remained in the elevator when President Obama exited, and detained the security officer for questioning.

Following the questioning, the Secret Service agents learned that there were prior arrests on the security officer’s record. The Secret Service agents took the matter to the security supervisor, who upon learning of the situation fired the security officer immediately. The security officer was required to turn over his gun and leave immediately. Secret Service agents allege that they were unaware that the security officer was armed.

According to Secret Service protocols, anyone with a history of arrests, convictions, mental illness, or those carrying a weapon, are not allowed access to President Obama. In this matter, it appears that the Secret Service failed to prescreen this security guard before establishing the security protocols at the CDC for the President’s visit. Later reports and updates have confirmed that the Secret Service is investigating the matter, but legislators on Capitol Hill are concerned that the director of the Secret Service is attempting to cover a gaff in light of recent embarrassments.

Social Stigma is Devastating

The real victim in cases like this one is the individuals who suffer from the social and professional stigma of an arrest record. For the security guard in this case, he was conducting his daily business as usual, when he was questioned and then fired due to an error on the part of the Secret Service. The entire course of this man’s life was changed, simply because he had prior arrests on his record, even though he showed no signs of threat to President Obama. Now, this security guard is tasked with recovering from a loss of employment, and from the media spotlight that has been placed on him as if he is a dangerous criminal.

Do Not Let Criminal Allegations Ruin your Life

The stigma that often accompanies criminal allegations is one of the most unfortunate elements of any criminal case. Georgia residents who are accused of a crime may find that, like this security officer, employers are not always forgiving. A criminal record is something that cannot be escaped from, which is why it is crucial to obtain the guidance of a skilled Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney who can help you keep your record clean and avoid the negative social stigma associated therewith.

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