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At The Abt Law Firm, LLC, providing top-quality legal representation and delivering an unmatched client experience is our priority. We have helped thousands of people through their criminal matters and have received favorable reviews from those we’ve served. Read testimonials from past clients below. If you need aggressive defense for your case, call us at (678) 582-2272 or contact us online today.

    "Mr. Abt saved my career and saved my life."
    I was arrested and about to become indicted on major felony charges, but Mr. Abt was able to convince the police to drop all charges against me.
    - A.Y.
    "I avoided years in prison due to Mr. Abt’s knowledge of the law and hard work."
    After investigating my case and working hard, Mr. Abt found a way to convince the Judge to throw the whole case out.
    - K.W.
    "Mr. Abt you are my hero, thank you."
    Without Mr. Abt, I would not be able to even drive to work every day.
    - J.T.
    "Mr. Abt saved me from having a criminal record and prevented me from going to jail."
    Mr. Abt was able to convince the prosecutors to drop all charges against me.
    - A.W.
    "I am so grateful to Jay Abt for saving my life and keeping me out of prison."
    I hired Mr. Abt because I heard he was an amazing lawyer.
    - G.B.
    "I could not be more appreciative for his hard work."
    The cops wrongfully accused me of trafficking 20 kilos of heroin, but the drugs were not mine. Mr. Abt forced the prosecutor to dismiss the case against me.
    - Anonymous
    "Great lawyer saved me from prison."
    Great lawyer saved me from prison. I contacted a girl online who said she was 18, and we met up for sex. She lied about her age, and I got charged with child molestation.
    - Anonymous
    "It was like a miracle."
    Jay saved my life. I was going to prison for 40 years because my other lawyer was awful. The prosecutors said I raped my niece which was totally false. Then I hired Jay Abt to replace him.
    - Anonymous
    "We sought the legal aid of Jay Abt. Jay and his staff worked feverishly hard for me."
    I am out on probation with no jail time involved and the case is closed. Jay Abt made sure that I have nothing on my record, and no criminal conviction.
    - Anonymous
    "He is the best lawyer you could ever dream of."
    I was wrongfully accused of shooting a man in a bar fight. Mr. Abt proved that I acted in self-defense, and won my jury trial.
    - Anonymous