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Case Results

At The Abt Law Firm, LLC, we know the impacts a conviction can have on a person’s life. That is why our attorney aggressively fights for our clients. Read below to learn about some of the victories we achieved in past cases. To hire a lawyer with a winning attitude, contact us at (678) 582-2272 today.

  • Not Guilty & 25 Year Prison Sentence Avoided Drug Trafficking Charges

    Mr. Abt defended a man who was charged with trafficking 10 kilograms (over 22 pounds) of pure cocaine. The client was caught on videotape with the cocaine and gave a false name to the police. Despite this evidence, Mr. Abt used scientific defenses and technical legal “loop holes” which persuaded the jury to find his client not guilty and the client avoided a 25 year prison sentence.

  • Not Guilty On All Charges Client Charged with Murder, Kidnapping & Aggravated Assault
    Mr. Abt was hired to represent a man charged with murder who had kidnapped the alleged victim, hog tied him, strangled him, and ultimately set the man on fire in the trunk of his own car. There was overwhelming evidence against our client, including cell phone records putting our client at the scene of the crime. But Mr. Abt persuaded the jury that our client was not guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt and our client was found not guilty of murder, felony-murder, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.
  • All Charges Dismissed & Life In Prison Avoided Serious Sexual Assault Charges
    Attorney Jay Abt is heavily sought after as a criminal defense attorney. A young man was accused of raping a woman at party. Mr. Abt utilized the resources available, including laser focused private investigators to show that the woman was lying about many of the details, and that the sexual intercourse had been consensual. All charges, including a rape case, against our client were dismissed, and he avoided a lifetime prison sentence.
  • All Charges Dropped & Client Proved Innocent Client Charged with Rape of a Family Member

    Our client’s spouse accused him of raping her niece to gain an advantage in a bitter divorce. The niece went along with the wife’s story and our client was criminally charged with rape and faced a life in prison sentence. Heartbroken at the accusation and terrified of losing his freedom to these terrible lies, this man retained our firm to fight for justice and his prove his innocence. After months of tireless work and dedication, The Abt Law Firm, and its team of lawyers were able to get our client’s charges dropped and save his life.

  • All Charges Dismissed Prior to Trial Client Accused of Murdering His Partner
    Our client was accused of murder by throwing his lover off a 5th floor apartment balcony. Mr. Abt and his team have a great deal of experience defending murder cases and were able to use forensic science to demonstrate to the D.A.’s office that there was no way to prosecute those charges. The Abt Law Firm, LLC argued that the man had jumped from the balcony, under the influence of drugs and committed suicide. All murder charges were dismissed prior to trial.
  • Acquittal After Two Week Jury Trial Gang Member Charged with Murder
    Mr. Abt was hired to defend a member of the “Crips” gang who was accused of murdering an opposing gang member in the “Bloods”. After a two week jury trial, our client was acquitted of the murder, and exonerated of those charges, despite eye witness testimony that our client had a firearm at the scene of the crime.
  • Not Guilty On All Charges Police Officer Falsely Accused of Computer Fraud & Theft
    Mr. Abt was hired by a decorated police officer who was falsely accused of computer fraud and theft. The police officer knew that Mr. Abt, above all other criminal defense lawyers he had encountered could win his case. It is very difficult when a law enforcement officer is accused of criminal misconduct, but Mr. Abt never gave up and fought to the bitter end. At trial, in front of the jury, Mr. Abt was able to demonstrate that another officer had framed his client, and that 2nd officer was abusing drugs. The jury found Mr. Abt’s client not guilty of all charges after deliberating for less than 1 hour.
  • All Charges Dismissed Vehicular Homicide

    Mr. Abt has successfully defended countless cases of vehicular homicide. Recently, he took on what seemed to be an impossible defense that many other lawyers had declined. The man was driving an 18 wheeler truck which struck and killed another motorist. Mr. Abt used scientific accident reconstruction, the “black box” from both vehicles and a lot of legal work to ensure all charges against his client were ultimately dismissed.

  • Not Guilty On All Charges Basketball Coach Charged with Child Molestation

    Mr. Abt was hired to defend a youth basketball coach who was charged with molesting the young men he was entrusted to coach and educate. There were several accusers who came forward who wanted the coach locked up and branded a sex offender for life. Mr. Abt used crucial credibility witnesses to discredit the prosecution’s theory of the case, and after a jury trial, Mr. Abt’s client was found not guilty of all of the charges. He walked out of the court house with Mr. Abt, arm in arm, a free and innocent man wrongfully accused of a crime he never committed.

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