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Atlanta Felony Crimes Attorney

Defending Those Accused of Felony Charges in Georgia

If you are facing felony charges in Georgia, your future is at risk. Without the help of an experienced Atlanta felony crimes attorney, you will be unable to beat the prosecutor’s case and will likely be forced to serve a severe sentence.

For over 24 years, Abt Law Firm, LLC has been a voice for those who are facing some of the most life-altering moments they will ever encounter. We know that every person has the right to a fair trial and that your version of events deserves the strongest possible representation in a court. We are proud to be the influencing factor in decisions that change life, and we believe that our clients deserve only the best.

Contact our Atlanta felony crimes attorney today at (678) 582-2272 for a free consultation of your case. One phone call could be the deciding factor that protects your future!

Felonies Charges in Georgia

Felonies are the most serious type of charge that a person can face in Georgia. The state does not handle felonies like other states, as it does not sort them by class. Instead, the penalties for a Georgia felony vary on a crime-by-crime basis. The most serious felonies are punishable by death. While some prison terms are shorter, many felony crimes are serious enough to have a minimum of 10-25 years of prison time attached to them.

Felonies are notorious for causing hardship in the lives of people who have them on their record. A person often continues to pay for their crimes even after they have fulfilled their prison sentence. Felonies remain on your record and can negatively impact your employment opportunities, living situation, and other vital areas of your life.

"Wobbler Crimes" in Atlanta

The term “wobbler” is popularly used to describe crimes that can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Wobbler crimes are notable because having a competent Atlanta felony crimes lawyer handle your case could mean the difference between a small charge and a lifelong burden. An attorney will fight to have a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor whenever possible. Having the right lawyer might mean the difference between serving a prison sentence or paying a fine and doing community service.

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For the last two decades, Abt Law is proud to be a deciding factor in more than 2,500 cases. Our attorney knows that your future is at stake and works to ensure that you are given the expert legal counsel that you deserve.

We are proud of our work and are even more proud when we improve a client’s life for the better, even in situations that look hopeless.

Contact us today for a free consultation with our Atlanta felony crime attorney (678) 582-2272.

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  • Vehicular Homicide All Charges Dismissed
  • Basketball Coach Charged with Child Molestation Not Guilty On All Charges
  • Bank Manager Allegedly Stole Diamonds & Cash All Charges Dismissed
  • Serious Sexual Assault Charges All Charges Dismissed & Life In Prison Avoided
  • Police Officer Falsely Accused of Computer Fraud & Theft Not Guilty On All Charges
  • Gang Member Charged with Murder Acquittal After Two Week Jury Trial
  • Client Accused of Murdering His Partner All Charges Dismissed Prior to Trial
  • Client Charged with Murder, Kidnapping & Aggravated Assault Not Guilty On All Charges
  • Drug Trafficking Charges Not Guilty & 25 Year Prison Sentence Avoided
  • Client Charged with Rape of a Family Member All Charges Dropped & Client Proved Innocent

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  • Attorney Abt Has Won 5 Out of His Last 6 Murder Trials 

  • Over 2500 Cases Successfully Handled

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