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If you are facing domestic violence accusations in Atlanta, it is important that seek legal representation quickly. When someone is facing domestic violence charges, it is a serious event and needs to be handles aggressively. These types of criminal accusations carry their own penalties like a damaged reputation, being labeled a "violent person", and societal stigma that follows you for years. Those who are convicted of domestic violence suffer a damaged reputation, fines, and potential jail time. Because these charges are so serious, it is important to obtain the defense of an experience Atlanta domestic violence lawyer.

Abt Law Firm, LLC has spent the last two decades helping those accused of criminal behavior preserve their reputation by having charges dismissed or reduced. We are proud to fight for the well-being of clients because everyone deserves a voice in the courtroom. There are two sides to every story—let us tell yours!

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Domestic Violence in Georgia

The state has laws that specifically govern how domestic violence is defined and handled by authorities. The Family Violence Act defines that domestic violence is not just an event that occurs between spouses. The law addresses any violence that occurs between individuals who share the same residence. You could be charged with domestic violence if you have caused physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse against a protected individual. Threatening any of these forms of abuse is also a form of domestic violence.Two crying women on couch

Notably, the Family Violence Act provides specific protections to those who have been abused. The law handles matters of child custody, financial support, and other matters that must be addressed in domestic violence situations. This law means that those who are accused of domestic violence may not be facing only criminal charges—they could lose their right to see their children.

Protective Orders in Georgia

In some cases, a person may have a Family Protective Order placed on them. When this happens, they are banned from contacting the person who is accusing them of domestic violence. This order can force an individual to vacate their home, lose the rights to see their children, and, if the order is broken, they may be arrested. If you are being accused of domestic violence, you must be represented by an attorney who will protect your future, finances, and family.

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Georgia takes domestic violence very seriously. Unfortunately, this eagerness to protect individuals from domestic violence sometimes means that innocent people are accused of this crime. Abt Law, LLC knows that there are two sides to every story and is ready to make sure your version of events are heard in the courtroom. Our attorney uses two decades of experience to command respect in the courtroom, build a strong case for you, and earn results that change lives.

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  • Police Officer Falsely Accused of Computer Fraud & Theft Not Guilty On All Charges
  • Gang Member Charged with Murder Acquittal After Two Week Jury Trial
  • Client Accused of Murdering His Partner All Charges Dismissed Prior to Trial
  • Client Charged with Murder, Kidnapping & Aggravated Assault Not Guilty On All Charges
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