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Atlanta Drug Paraphernalia Defense Lawyer

Georgia Drug Crimes Attorney

Many people are surprised that they can be charged with drug crimes without possessing drugs in Georgia. The state has laws which make it illegal to be in possession of some items associated with drug use.

Also, possession or control of items that can be used to make drugs can also lead to drug paraphernalia charges.

In most cases, drug paraphernalia is often found with drugs. Frequently, zealous prosecutors will compound a drug possession case with paraphernalia charges to force defendants into an unfair plea deal.

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The types of paraphernalia that frequently result in charges include:

  • Items related to the growing or ingestion of marijuana including scales, grinders, baggies, bongs, roach clips, rolling papers, and pipes.
  • Items related to the production or ingestion of cocaine such as mirrors, blades, dollar bills, straws, and crack pipes.
  • Items related to the production or ingestion of heroin including syringes, needles, spoons, hoses, or tubes.
  • Items related to the production or ingestion of other illegal drugs. This a broad category and may include capsules, pill presses, aerosols, glue, paint, certain chemicals, and equipment, as well as medications that may be used to manufacture certain drugs.
What are the charges for drug paraphernalia in Georgia?
  • The penalties for conviction of these charges may include jail time, a fine, and attendance of a drug education program.

Fighting Atlanta Drug Paraphernalia Charges

There are many different defenses that can be used to fight to drug paraphernalia charges. In some cases, an attorney will assert that the items were not in the possession or control of the individual being charged.

A qualified defense attorney will also use facts to build a case that the items were not being used for any purpose relating to drug use or production. Many of the items that fall within the category of drug paraphernalia have legitimate uses and they are found in many different households. Drug paraphernalia

Authorities may give paraphernalia charges for something as basic as over-the-counter medications. Having an attorney who will tenaciously chip away at the prosecution’s case can lead to a complete dismissal of the charges.

Also, a defense attorney should carefully examine the procedures used by the law enforcement officers who conducted the search and seizure. These charges are brought in some cases where there is a motivation to find some legal justification for arresting a person.

Often, officers fail to properly respect the constitutional rights of a person they are searching for drug paraphernalia. If protected rights are found to be violated, a case might be dismissed.

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Fighting against charges is a critical step to avoiding a record that will follow you in the future, especially since this type of crime is based on evidence that is subject to broad interpretation. Society holds a stigma against those accused of drug charges and, if convicted, the crime will likely follow you for the rest of your life.

Our attorney will use over two decades of experience to ensure your rights are protected and give your side of the story a voice in court. We will not stop fighting for reduced charges, acquittal, or a dismissed case.

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  • Client Accused of Murdering His Partner All Charges Dismissed Prior to Trial
  • Client Charged with Murder, Kidnapping & Aggravated Assault Not Guilty On All Charges
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