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Fate of Georgia Residents Arrested After Botched Police Search

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One of the fundamental rights that every American has is the protection from illegal searches and seizures by law enforcement. Unfortunately, sometimes there are “gray areas” that make it difficult to ascertain whether those fundamental rights were violated – and under what circumstances, such as an honest mistake or intentionally. When criminal charges result from a search that is deemed illegal, the individuals facing the charges may find that their situation is not as bleak as they first assumed.

Four Georgia residents are learning this lesson firsthand after being arrested in Idaho last month. According to reports, the Georgia residents were alleged to have been armed and travelling with a woman under duress. First media reports following the arrest stated that the four individuals, three men and one woman, were traveling along Interstate 84 when an undisclosed person contacted authorities. Upon making contact with the individuals, Idaho State Police reportedly conducted a search of the vehicle without obtaining a search warrant.

Later media reports report that Idaho State Police Troopers initially conducted a basic inventory search following the arrests, but later conducted a more significant search after receiving a tip from another law enforcement agency. Reports do not disclose what information was provided to them, or why they did not obtain a search warrant.

Earlier this week, a judge in south-central Idaho dropped all charges against the Georgia defendants stating that the evidence in the case was clearly suppressible, as it had been obtained illegally without a warrant. Reports do not disclose whether the woman allegedly held against her will was, in fact, a victim, or whether any additional charges are pending.

Stories like this one happen frequently, because the actions of law enforcement are often complicated, and in some cases, are simply wrong or illegal. In this particular case, it is unclear what the exact circumstances of the illegal search were. What is clear is that the individuals who were charged have seen the protection of their fundamental rights in the clearest way possible.

Stories like this one also highlight the importance of securing the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney who can carefully examine all aspects of the case to determine whether the defendant’s rights were violated, or whether the actions of law enforcement were wrong or illegal. At Abt Law Firm, LLC, our Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney is dedicated to helping you protect your rights and your future. While not every case will meet the requirements for charges to be dropped, there are often several options and alternatives to help defendants avoid the most harsh sentences in favor of a more positive outcome. In order to determine what these options and alternatives are, anyone in Georgia who has been accused of a crime should act quickly in contacting a criminal defense attorney who is well versed in Georgia law, criminal procedure, and the tactics of prosecutors and law enforcement.

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