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Do Bad Decisions Equal Crime?

No Criminal Record. No Jail Time.

It is important that Georgia residents realize the difference between making bad choices and committing a crime. Unfortunately, in some cases, the defining line between these two things is rather unclear, which makes it difficult for those involved to clearly process the scenario and find the truth of the matter. It does not matter who the individual is, what his or her occupation is, or how much money they have, the law and the media are strict and can be unforgiving.

Recently, the Metro Atlanta area has been “buzzing” concerning allegations that an area law enforcement officer had inappropriate sexual contact with a minor. The law enforcement officer in question allegedly was “canoodling” and sexting the 15-year-old neighbor, who had previously been hired to care for his dogs. A large part of the media flurry surrounding the case focused on the fact that both the officer and the minor are male.

According to reports, the allegations began after the teenager’s mother discovered that he was at the officer’s home long after he was scheduled to be home. Upon arriving at the officer’s home, the mother reported that it took several minutes for someone to answer the door. At some point following this interaction, it is alleged that the teenager’s mother discovered sexual messages exchanged between the officer and the teenager. One report alleged that there were as many as 10 phone calls per day exchanged between the officer and the teenager.

Following the allegations, there was speculation that the officer would face criminal charges for his interactions with the teenager. Reports published since the preliminary accounts of the situation indicate that the officer will not face criminal charges for inappropriate contact with a minor. Unfortunately, for the officer, department policy regarding inappropriate behavior made him eligible for termination from his job. The officer decided instead to resign from his position as a law enforcement officer, which allowed him to bypass formal disciplinary action.

Even though media reports indicate that the teenager and the officer were in some form of direct, mutually reciprocated contact, this story indicates just how serious Georgia law is toward individuals who are even suspected to wrongdoing – illegal or otherwise. Especially in cases where minors are involved, the State of Georgia will be strict in attempting to prove that the defendant is guilty.

Stories like this one offer just one more reminder of how important it is to seek the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as allegations are made. Without the guidance of an attorney, individuals facing criminal allegations may find their situation to be confusing and overwhelming. This story also serves as a reminder of the professional and social consequences that often accompany criminal allegations. For this law enforcement officer, the future of his career in Cobb County has been permanently damaged, and future pursuits have been placed on the line.

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