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Drugs Found In Your Home? Here's How To Beat The Case

No Criminal Record. No Jail Time.
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If police charge you with possession of drugs in your home, you may think it will be a lost cause to prove your innocence. Unfortunately, this is what police want you to believe. Through various intimidation tactics and carefully-worded statements, police will set up a case to make it appear as if it is open and shut.

Yet if you use good judgment in these situations and hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, you may discover the case police claim to have against you is full of holes that can be used to your advantage. If you're wondering how to beat a case such as this, here are some important details to remember.

Waving the Magic Wand

When police claim to discover drugs in your home, it seems as if they can wave a magic wand and find one piece of evidence after another, pointing directly at you. For example, if they find a prescription pill bottle with your name on it next to the drugs, they put two and two together and determine the drugs belong to you.

However, in these cases, two and two in police math equals five. Since other people likely have access to your home on a daily basis, your criminal defense attorney can easily point to numerous other people police should investigate.

"Constructive" Possession

While police are all too eager to claim you were in possession of the drugs, the fact is you were not. Even if the drugs were discovered in your home, a knowledgeable defense attorney could zero in on the fact that neither actual nor constructive possession has been proven by the police. Since the drugs were not found in your pockets or hands, actual possession is out of the question.

In addition, if you have not given the police any statements to the contrary, no witnesses can verify the drugs were yours, no scientific evidence exists to prove ownership of the drugs, and there is no other so-called evidence other than your proximity to the drugs; police really have no case against you.

Since police and prosecutors are always eager to gain drug-related convictions, they will use every trick in the book against you. Yet by having a criminal defense attorney on your side who understands this process and will fight to protect your Constitutional rights, you will essentially be able to beat cops at their own game.

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