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Relationships & Sexual Offenses

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Relationships are sticky, and sometimes they go wrong emotionally. In this day and age, when relationships go south because one side said they were violated, the accused may be looking at sexual assault charges.

There is a thin line between both parties consenting to an act when they decide to become intimate, and both sides obtaining consent for every sexual act they engage in. Additionally, one must consider that an accusation occurs between the accused and the alleged victim only, which means there are typically no witnesses.

Sexual Battery & Georgia Statutes

  1. A first-time sexual battery offense is a misdemeanor.
  2. If this is a recurring charge (the second, third, or fourth event) the charge becomes a felony.
  3. If the alleged victim was under 16, it is a felony.

What Should I Do if a Sexual Assault Charge Is Filed Against Me?

Any accusation which leads to a formal infringement of an intimate relationship can lead to serious consequences for the accused and presents a difficult scenario for the prosecution. In the courts, a sexual assault charge is a serious accusation between two people, but it is difficult to prove.

If you have been charged, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer, and if you live in the Atlanta area, a great choice is the Abt Law Firm. Our trial lawyers are conscientious of the severity of our client’s situations and handle each case with the highest degree of integrity.

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