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Will I Lose My Job Because I Was Arrested?

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Getting arrested can be a stressful experience. After the emotional shock of going through your arrest wears off, you have to wonder how your arrest will impact your life moving forward. Even if you’re innocent, an arrest could be grounds for termination from your job.

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Some employers will fire their employees for being arrested, while others will terminate an employee because of what they were arrested for. Additionally, the field you work in will also dictate whether or not an arrest is grounds for termination.

For example, if you’re arrested for a DUI as a pizza delivery driver, you will likely lose your job once your employer finds out.

Careers that Require Professional Licenses

Another example is careers that require professional licenses, such as a healthcare professional or lawyer. Many of these agencies have standards in place that deem any arrest an automatic loss of the license, and when you lose your professional license, you will also lose your connected position.

What Options Do I Have?

While you can’t change the fact that you were arrested, there are still options available to help you move forward with your life.

Avoid Conviction

When it comes to keeping your job following an arrest, it’s typically easier for your employer to justify letting you go following a conviction than it is for them to following an arrest. This is the case because an arrest doesn’t mean that you’re guilty. Being convicted, however, means that the court has found you guilty.

The best chance you have at avoiding conviction is to fight your case with the help of an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney. Fighting your case is an important step to take to protect your future following an arrest.

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